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Native from Spain, with more than twenty years of experience in photography.

I have worked for several newspapers as a photographer and for fashion industry as a retoucher.

Ana Salazar develops her photographic work between London, Madrid, Cuba, Kathmandu and
Istanbul. From the most minute observation, like a portraitist

an anonymous 19th-century artist, Salazar captures faces with his gaze, but
also the psychology of who is in front of his camera.

The artist walks the streets harvesting testimonies of the culture of
21st century, where problems or concerns are sometimes
more numerous than mere happiness, where not a single person who
walk absorbed in your thoughts do not go considering some
dilemma or just want to disconnect from the current overload of
information, tasks and feelings.

When you look at his photography, you want nothing more than to delve into a
history that is as unknown to us as it is ephemeral, since a person
passes in front of its target in a matter of seconds, taking their
thoughts with myself; leaves us wanting to know more: in what
will you be thinking? What will your story be? So his expression is
perfectly recognizable, but the story ends there, fleeting and
instant. The tempus fugit raised to maximum power.

if you would like to know more about my work, you can click here 

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